About the Orchestra

COVID-19 update

Rehearsals will resume on Saturday 4th July, under a COVID-19 safety plan.  All Orchestra members should review that plan before coming to a rehearsal. 

Our first concert for the year has been cancelled, and it is very unlikely that our second concert, scheduled for August 23 will take place.  We hope to be back rehearsing in time to prepare for our November concert.

The Brindabella Orchestra (formerly known as the U3A Orchestra) is an activity of the University of the Third Age, ACT.   The Orchestra was established to provide a musical outlet for orchestral musicians in a relaxed and friendly environment.  The Orchestra presents three public concerts a year, generally in May, August and November.

Orchestra members come from many backgrounds: people returning to their instruments after a long break, enthusiastic late starters, good amateurs, music students and retired musicians, all sharing a love of orchestral performance.

We welcome new members, in particular players aged fifty and above. The Orchestra also recruits younger players where necessary in order for it to perform a wider repertoire.

For details on membership click Joining.

Music & Performances

The Orchestra aims to perform three concerts a year, generally in May, August and November. The concerts are held on Sunday afternoons at various locations in Canberra, and in Queanbeyan.

The Orchestra plays mainly classical music with some lighter pieces selected from popular musicals. The repertoire is chosen to fit the capabilities of the players and instrumental make-up of the orchestra at the time.

For details of the repertoire from some of the Orchestra’s past performances, please see Concerts.